What is the EAZE OFF™ ?

The EAZE OFF™ is a remote controlled device incorporating an electric hoist for the automatic loading and un-loading on to or off from overhead rail transport systems used in meat processing facilities and manufacturing.


What are the Benefits?

The EAZE OFF™, originally designed to replace spring operated "carcass drops" currently in common use, greatly increases production, eliminates most maintenance costs and requires practically no effort to operate safely.

Picture of EAZE OFF installation.

How to use the EAZE OFF™

The EAZE OFF™ mounts to your top rail using three bolts. It can lower up to 1000 lb. and can lift up to 350 lb. (750 lb. with HD version) to the rail up to 10 ft. via remote control (standard "carcass drop" capacity is 500 lbs. with a 5 ft. drop).

Each EAZE OFF™ is custom built to serve the specific needs of your business.

Every shop has different requirements, we accomodate them.

The list below outlines some of the considerations we will need to provide a custom EAZE OFF™ for your processing line.

  • Left or Right hand hangers support your rail?
  • Height of your rail above the floor
  • Your overhead rail dimensions?
  • Will the EAZE OFF™ replace a standard carcass drop?
  • Standard powder coated steel frame or stainless steel frame?
  • Standard or Heavy Duty motor and gearbox?
  • Standard steel chain or stainless steel chain?
  • Wireless remote controls (in addition to the standard wired remote)?

Please use our Eaze Off Online Order Form (Fillable and Printable PDF) or Eaze Off Print Order Form (Printable PDF) to get us your specifications.

For pricing and purchase information please use our contact form.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Printed with permission

"The EAZE OFF™ has been a great asset to our company as it saves time and labor."
Zimmerman Meat Processing, Summersville, MO

"Very pleased with it (EAZE OFF™), I am well satisfied."
Yoder Processing, Lamar, MO

"EAZE OFF™ is the greatest invention I have ever made use of!"
Ernie Zimmerman, Kempff Custom Butchering, Sedalia, MO